Testimonials/Noted Alumni

While I was in esthetics school I took classes at Concepts Institute to deepen my knowledge of skin and the various tools used by estheticians in the treatment room. As a spa owner and treatment brand owner I have had an ongoing relationship with Michele for years. Whether she was training my team or assisting with product development or testing. Michele’s courses at Concepts Institute offers so much to our industry and prove that learning never ends. Michele understands the science to the skin and shares not only her knowledge but years of experience with her students. Her classes are well worth the investment!

Tami Blake

LE, Spa owner , Founder of Free & True and Sweet & True sugaring company, award winning skin care companies

Concepts Institute has been an invaluable classroom for me. Not only has it been a place I’ve made important industry connections, Michele is a kind patient instructor whether you are interested in acne or lymphatic drainage, you are in the best hands with her. Thank you Michele for offering a supportive, educational, and enjoyable place for me to grow as an esthetician.

Tessa Zolly, LE

Business owner, Skin care formulator, The Treatment Room podcast

I still have my certificates of completion and class paperwork dated 4/5/10 from the LED course I took with Michele. To this day it was my most informative advanced esthetics class I have taken in my 37 years of esthetics. I still rely on Michele’s expertise when I need technical information.

Shelley Hancock, LE

Business Owner, Book author

Best advanced esthetics skin care classes. Michele Phelan is one of the best skin care educators I have ever known, especially when it comes to advanced training.

Amal Aloud, LE

Esthetics Instructor, Founder, Audia Skin Care

Michele has been a mentor of mine for years. She has trained me in many of the advanced topics. I turned to her for private tutoring prior to my Cidesco exam. If anyone needs advanced training she is the woman to learn from. She literally changed my life and has impacted my career in such a positive way.

Monique Mcdonald

General manager , Cocoon day spa

Michele is a great authority in her field. She is very reliable, competent and knowledgeable with the beauty industry. She was very instrumental in helping our business navigate through the many challenges we have faced operationally and financially. She is very sincere and very passionate about her work.

Ann Krahan

Registered Nurse, Spa owner

The online paramedical esthetics program was the most informative class I have taken as an esthetics professional. It provided me so much confidence to believe in myself and my work. Clients today want information on the modalities you are using and why, as well as how the products you use work on a cellular level. The paramedics course equipped me to credibly and confidently educate my clients as to what I use and why, which significantly enhances the value I provide my clients. As a result, my business has doubled and let’s face it, consumers are much more knowledgeable about their health and want to be convinced you know what you are doing, and why before they commit their image management to you.

Thanks to Michele and Dr. Green, I am a sought after, and well regarded leader in my profession.

Forever grateful,

Roxanne Plaven

Lic cosmetologist/certified in clinical and para medical esthetics

I needed information. I needed to educate myself on Medical Aesthetics so that I could advise my clients who wanted to take that one step further than I could take them. Most likely, I will never become a para-medical aesthetician, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think like one, can’t have the same knowledge and offer that knowledge to my clients who are curious about Botox, fillers, lasers, etc. Taking a course in medical aesthetics gives me confidence through knowledge. Instead of saying, “I don’t know anything about lasers.” I can now say, “Lasers? This is how they work. This is what they do. This is what you can expect.” I have answers thanks to Dr. Greene and Michele Phelan.

Michelle Lalonde

Esthetician/Spa business owner

I originally met Michele when she visited Skyline for a couple lectures.. anyone who meets Michele will attest she is an absolute wealth of knowledge. My classmates and I were in awe of her medical approach to skincare, and how she truly has an answer for almost every question one can think of. Her coursework has become a vital foundation for my career., Her informative courses are both compelling and significant in forming an understanding for different types of skin, treatments, and sub conditions. I have taken advanced courses with Michele since my time at Skyline, and she has since become my mentor and esthetician in addition to my teacher. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Michele; she is truly a special teacher who melds her personalized, caring demeanor with years of experience, and science based knowledge. It is rare to find someone as informed, yet as easy to communicate and seek advice from, as Michele.

Tess Zolly


The depth and detail of the courses I completed at Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics far surpassed that of my previous educational experience in the field of skin care. It provided me with comprehensive training on the most up-to-date equipment and techniques, giving me the necessary qualifications to obtain a highly valued position with a prestigious skin care organization. I would recommend Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics to anybody seeking to further their education, enhance their value in the job market, or expand their skin care repertoire.
Emily Turcios

Clinical Aesthetician, American Laser Centers

My two instructors, Michele Phelan and Maria Lorenzi made my learning experience fun and interesting. Michele always incorporated the newest and most advanced techniques and technologies and provided great insight into the business side of esthetics. Maria added an easy to learn edge and artistic flare to all she taught. Both educators are at the top of their profession and I feel incredibly fortune to have learned from the best.

Ani Kevaranian

Esthetician, CIDESCO diplomat

I am so happy I found Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics. The classes for both the Clinical and Medical Esthetics certification programs are offered separately so they are easy to work around your personal and professional schedules. Michele’s teaching style is not only fun and engaging, but her extensive knowledge and experience shine through every class. Even after receiving my certification, I am still calling her with questions! Thanks Michele and Concepts Institute for going beyond the basics and giving me the confidence I need in this fast changing industry.

Francesca Buongiorno


Taking both the paramedical and clinical esthetician course provided by Michele and Dr. Greene helped me understand how to target treatments and skincare concerns. The class was very educational and detailed, I loved that the materials were provided to me. Michele and Dr. Greene are great educators, always open to questions and willing to help. I always refer all my esthetic colleagues to take the course. After completing both courses I got offered a job in a plastic surgery office. The course helped me stand out from other applicants. Thank you Michele & Dr. Greene for teaching me.
Melinda Yee

Paramedical & Clinical aesthetician