If you are limited on time or you are traveling from a distance and prefer to take private one-on-one training, two clinical classes can conveniently be provided for you in one day. The rate for the two private classes, per day, per person is $500. The rate for one private class, per day, per person is $300. Discounts are implemented when there is more than one student.

If desired, for groups of three or more, our classes can be conveniently provided for your team, in your spa, if you are located in the Northern California area.
Course Cost:
Three (3) students: $300 each (per day)
Four (4) students: $220 each (per day)
Five (5) students or more: $190 each (per day)
.25 cents per mile will be added to the cost.

If you are interested in learning about a topic that is not listed on our website, please contact us as our specialists can build you a curriculum that will best suit your individual educational needs. For information on training outside the Bay Area, please call to speak to our representative. We can be reached at 415-295-7107.