Clinical Esthetics Pre-Requisites

Clinical Esthetics Pre-Requisites

Prior to enrolling in the Clinical esthetics program (for licensed cosmetologists and nurses) you will need to have skin care training. This can be 50 hours or more skin care education, or 6 month job related training. If you do not have this then you must first complete the following path:

Skin Care Fundamentals

This path is specifically designed for licensed cosmetologists and nurses who would like to learn the basics of skin care before they enter the Clinical Esthetics phase of our program. You will need to complete both portions of this path for the pre-requisite to be met.

Anatomy of a Facial

Type: Online Course
Time:  1 hour
Days:  On Demand
Cost:  $25

Understanding the Integumentary System & Prescribing Appropriate Treatments

Type: Hands-on and Theory (on site)

LIVE: $160 ($144 if registered at least 24 hours in advance)

Hours: 9:30AM-3:30PM