Aromatherapy/Essential oils


Anatomy of a Facial


Para-Medical Esthetics


Cosmetic Ingredient Knowledge


The Zoom based  Clinical esthetics classes are recorded and are available as a 5 day rental for those who are not able to join a class at the regular scheduled time. They are held in the library and are always available on-line/on demand. They come with the Zoom lecture (recording), power point and access to the demo video.

The demo video portion will always be available for participants to review after the class and use to practice with. When you have questions during your class, you can email us for the answer. When you are ready for the test, we will email it to you. The classes are each $95 and approximately 6 hours in length (rental available for 5 full days)

Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of this option.

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