Galvanic, Ultrasonic, and High Frequency Machines



Adding machines to your skin care treatments can increase its efficacy. This is a three modality class.

Learn how Galvanic can help make extractions easier with its saponification effect, and how it can help water-loving ingredients enter the skin with greater efficacy. Understand the benefits of ultra sonic and ultrasound and the difference between them. Find out why the Tesla machine is germicidal and how it creates ozone. Learn the benefits of each of these modalities, their indications and contra indications and how to effectively and safely use each of them in your practice with ease and confidence.


By attending and completing this class you will receive a certificate of completion for this course. However, in order to receive the certificate, you will need to pass the test with a 73% grade.

By attending 6 clinical esthetic classes and completing and passing the required tests you will earn your Clinical Esthetic Certification from Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics. A test is given to each student at the close of every class and a 73% passing grade is required in order to receive a certificate. The fee for the final exam is $35. You can see all of the classes that qualify in our Clinical Esthetics Courses Category.






Class Type: Didactics and demo class
Cost: $99
Class Size: up to 25
Required Supplies: We provide PDF of power point and access to demo video


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