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COURSE Description

Our on-line “skin care ingredient knowledge”  class is created for all estheticians and anyone in the skin care industry who want to have a more profound knowledge of how ingredients work for the skin.

All individuals who work with the skin should understand what is being used on their client’s skin at all times, and how to educate their client on what is best for their skin based on product ingredients, not hype.


By attending 6 clinical esthetic classes and completing and passing the required tests you will earn your Clinical Esthetic Certification from Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics. A test is given to each student at the close of every class and a 73% passing grade is required in order to receive a certificate. The fee for the final exam is $35. You can see all of the classes that qualify in our Clinical Esthetics Courses Category.

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Course Outline
Lecture1.1 Welcome
Lecture1.2 A Little About Skin Science
Lecture1.3 Understanding Skin Types & Skin Conditions
Lecture1.4 Functional groups
Lecture1.5 How Substances Cross the Cell Membrane
Lecture1.6 Base Ingredients
Lecture1.7 Humectants
Lecture1.8 Emulsifiers
Lecture1.9 Active Ingredients
Lecture1.10 Active Ingredients Continued
Lecture1.11 Informative Articles
Lecture1.12 Preservatives/Color/Fragrance & Clogging
Lecture1.13 The Aromatherapy List
Quiz1.1 Verbal Quiz


By attending and completing this class you will receive a certificate of completion for this course. However, in order to receive the certificate, you will need to pass the test with a 73% grade.

You will have 30 days to complete the class and take the final exam which will be sent to you at the close of the course. Upon passing the course with a 73% pass mark or higher you will receive your completion certificate in “skin care cosmetic ingredients” from Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics.

When you are through with this course, please request that your test be emailed to you. Once you complete your test with a 73% pass mark or higher your certificate will be sent to you.


Course Type: Online course.


Refunds: No refunds once purchased.
Cost: Rates are subject to change.



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