This training and certification is for estheticians who wish to gain knowledge of advanced/clinical skin care treatments so that they are able to implement corrective skin care procedures that can be utilized in a skin care clinic or medical spa. This certification can be earned by completing any five of the elligible classes and passing the required exams with at least 73%. The Clinical Esthetics testing fee is $35. A certificate of completion is provided for each topic after each class once the test has been passed with a 73% pass mark or higher.

The Clinical Esthetics classes are given in a group setting and each class normally repeats every four to six weeks. The next upcoming date for each class is listed on that class’s page or you can browse our current schedule on our class schedule page. You may opt for private, one-on-one training sessions. The course can be completed in as little as 3 days when taking one-on-one/private training. For more info about individual, private, and group training, please take a look at our Private & Corporate Classes Page.

Pre requisite (must have at least one of the following):

  • Student enrolled in a state board approved school
  • Has an Esthetician license
  • Has a Cosmetology license, or
  • Is a Registered nurse