Aromatherapy/Essential oils



Welcome to our Introduction to Aromatherapy/ Essential oil class-with four personal blend formulas available to you!

This is a pre recorded, unedited, Zoom based class.

Please fast forward through the lunch breaks.

You have 30 days to view the material and test out for your completion certificate.

Please make sure to download the power point as it goes hand in hand with the lecture.

Please contact Michele Phelan, the educator with any questions during the course at

As part of this class, Michele, the instructor, can provide up to four written aromatherapy formulas for you, upon request. 

You can request additional formulas beyond the five, however there is an additional fee.

We also provide consulting for an additional cost.

For additional consulting on aromatherapy, or if you need help with your own product line, please contact us with questions or for a quote.

This class content is not meant to treat or cure a disorder or take the place of a physician’s advise and is based on the instructors scientific knowledge and educated opinion. The Introduction to Essential oil/Aromatherapy class contains two parts and is approximately eight hours total. It contains the following educational information:

* Understanding what essential oils are and what make them so beneficial
* Knowledge of essential oil extraction processes
* How essential oils affect the skin and the brain
* Coverage of over 25 of the most popular essential oils used in skin care today
* Understanding the basic chemistry of essential oils and functional groups
* How to determine the best and most effective oils and how to determine the genuine from the phony
*Understanding precautions and contra-indications
*Coverage of oils and ingredients that are used as bases and booster for blending oils
* Understanding of fragrance notes and types
* Knowledge of the art of basic essential oil blending

It is up to you, the student, to make sure that your state or country where you practice allows you to blend or use essential oils for the public.

Enjoy the Course



Course Type: Online course.


Refunds: No refunds once purchased.
Cost: Rates are subject to change.


If you have any questions about the class please contact us at or 415-295-7107.