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Why take classes with us?

Our advanced esthetics programs are taught by some of the most sought-after esthetics educators in the world of esthetics today.  With decades of teaching and training experience at every level of esthetics, our educators will provide you with top-notch instruction and cutting-edge techniques. Our notable alumni encompass many recognizable estheticians, spa business owners and skin care brand owners. Our class topics are based steeply in medical science and the topics are profoundly researched and well presented. You are encouraged to ask many questions so that you get all that you need and want from each class topic.

Our classes are certified through the National Coalition of Estheticians, a leader in stringent regulation of esthetics training and instrumental in helping to establish laws that help support the esthetics industry. Many of the classes are worth 5-6 CEs through NCEA.

Who can take the
Clinical Esthetics program?

Licensed estheticians, cosmetologists and RNS and those who are in school currently to become a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist.

What does the bundle include?

You choose the seven clinical esthetics classes that you would like to take from an array of popular corrective skin care topics. Each class includes a 5-6.5-hour lecture using the Zoom platform, demonstration video (this video you will have continued access to) and the PDF/power point. A test is sent to you at the close of the class and once it is passed, we will mail or email your completion certificate to you. When you have completed your seven classes, we will email your final Clinical Esthetics test to you and once you have passed the test we will email or mail your Clinical Esthetics certificate from Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics to you. The test fee of $35 is waived when buying the bundle package.

If you are not able to attend the class at the scheduled time you have the option to rent the class instead as a five-day rental. This includes the Lecture video (unedited recording, demonstration video (this part you have continued access to) and the PDF/power point. When you have questions during the class you can email your questions into Michele Phelan, your educator for this course. Your test will be sent to you at the close of the class and upon passing the test we will email or mail your completion certificate to you. You have up to six months to complete all your chosen classes.

How can I sign up for the advanced esthetics bundle package?

First, review the class descriptions and choose the 7 classes that you feel will best suit you. Next fill in the short questionnaire that will help us qualify you for the classes and let us know which classes you have chosen to take. We will email you the class schedule and you can let us know if you would like to rent the classes as a five-day rental or take it at its scheduled time.

How can I pay for the bundle package?

Once we receive your email and questionnaire (usually within no longer than 48 hours), we will email you. At that time, you can sign up and pay for the classes with the link we will provide you through email and provide you an email to Michele Phelan, your clinical esthetics instructor for this course, so that you can start signing up and taking your classes!

Classes available in the bundle package.
Pick 7 of the following classes:

Integumentary system/Advanced skin analysis

This is a ‘must have knowledge” for all estheticians, skin care cosmetologists and cosmetic nurses. This class covers understanding the intricacies of the Integumentary system ie: the skin cell, skin tissues and their functions. We focus on skin types utilizing the Fitzpatrick and Rubin’s scale as well as basic and advanced analysis using both objective and subjective analysis. You will also gain a profound understanding of many of the common skin conditions and skin disorders and how to take action to help treat them and when to refer to a doctor. We will also cover some of the most common skin care ingredients today and how these ingredients effect and benefit the skin.

Chemical peels:

This course covers 4 different peels: Glycolic acid, Latic acid, Salicylic acid and Jessner’s. We will also discuss other AHAs as well. We will focus on how these different peels affect the skin physiologically and who is a candidate for each. Skincare enzymes will be covered and the discussion on the differences between peels and enzymes. We will focus on the chemistry of the peels and the correct and safe application of each, as well as contra-indications and precautions.

Understanding and Treating Acne:

In this advanced course, we review the basic skin anatomy with a special focus on the hair follicle and the specific disorders that can arise from the hair follicle. You will gain a deep understanding of both the causes and trigger of Acne Vulgaris and the best treatment protocols. We will cover the 4 grades of acne, how they are treated in a skin care clinic and by a physician. You will learn about skin care products and ingredients as well as skin care modalities ie: Tesla, Blue LED and how they work in the treatment and control of acne. We will discuss how certain hormones and types of anaerobic bacteria play a great role in the creation of acne, and the medications that doctors use to treat it as well as vitamins and other supplements that can be helpful in the control of acne. Your instructor will provide you with an effective skin extraction treatment demo and access to the demo video. Acne Rosacea will also be discussed in this class.

Understanding and Treatment of Hyper-pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a multifaced condition, and all types cannot be placed in just one bucket. We will go over the Integumentary system with a special focus on the melanocyte and the melanogenesis process. We will cover the causes of Melasma, Solar Lentigo, Post Inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and Freckles. You will learn the different causes, treatments and skin care products used to help treat this condition. We will be using LED, ultrasonic, peels and melanogenesis inhibiting ingredients in our treatment protocol of hyperpigmentation.

Micro-current/Anti-aging class

In this advanced anti-aging class .We will focus on biological and environmental aging causes. We will talk about the aging process of both skin and muscle and how to “slow down the hands of time” using microcurrent and other anti-aging modalities. Diet and anti-aging skin care products and ingredients such as: peptides, antioxidants, and DNA repair products will also be discussed so that you will know when to implement these products into your regime.

We will study the facial muscles and their actions and you will gain a deep understanding of the action and benefit of microcurrent for the skin and muscles, and learn how to use the machine professionally and safely for all your clients who are candidates.

Manual Facial Lymphatic Drainage

Manual facial lymphatic drainage can be used for detoxification, reduction of swelling and healing after facial surgery or for individuals who retain a lot of edema in the skin, and for overall health and wellbeing.

In this class, we will cover the intricacies of the lymphatic and circulatory systems. You will learn who is a candidate and who is not. You will understand how to perform a safe, effective manual facial lymphatic drainage massage and when to add it to your procedure. This is a technical massage that needs expert training and practice

LED/Light Therapy

There is a lot more to light therapy than just applying it to your client’s skin.
In this class, you will learn about the different colors of light and their nanometers. How the different nanometers effect and benefit the skin and how they can be used in different skin treatments ie: Acne, treatment of hyperpigmentation, anti-aging to boost your regimes.
We will also briefly discuss lasers and IPL in this class

Diamond Microdermabrasion/Ultrasonic

This modality is still one of the most practiced modalities in a skin care clinic. We will focus on the benefits and correct usage of the machine and how it can be coupled with other modalities for the greatest effect. We will compare this mechanical exfoliation to chemical exfoliation and when they can be used together. You will learn the correct and safe application of this modality and the best practice protocol.

Galvanic, High Frequency, Ultrasonic (3 modality class)

Adding machines to your skin care treatments can increase its efficacy. This is a three-modality class.

Learn how Galvanic can help make extractions easier with its saponification effect, and how it can help water-loving ingredients enter the skin with greater efficacy. Understand the benefits of ultra-sonic and ultrasound and the difference between them. Find out why the Tesla machine is germicidal and how it creates ozone. Learn the benefits of each of these modalities, their indications and contra indications and how to effectively and safely use each of them in your practice with ease and confidence


A procedure for the face. Dermaplaning uses a scalpel to exfoliate the stratum corneum layer and vellus hair from the skin. The benefits of this procedure:

  • smoother
  • hydrated skin
  • products penetrate better.
  • makeup application is smoother.
  • Helps to lighten post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

In this lecture we will cover the physiology and anatomy of the skin, contraindications, safe, application, and procedure. This class also comes with a thorough demonstration video

Micro-needling/Nano infusion:

Understand the integumentary system and the way that the collagen of the skin can remodel with the use of these modalities. Learn how they can improve many skin conditions such as lines in the skin, dermal atrophy, hyper-pigmentation, and help certain products penetrate better. Understand how to use these modalities safely and effectively.

Cosmetic Ingredient Class


Course Description

Our on-line “skin care ingredient knowledge” class is created for all estheticians and anyone in the skin care industry who want to have a more profound knowledge of how ingredients work for the skin. All individuals who work with the skin should understand what is being used on their client’s skin at all times, and how to educate their client on what is best for their skin based on product ingredients, not hype.

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Course Outline
Lecture1.1 Welcome
Lecture1.2 A Little About Skin Science
Lecture1.3 Understanding Skin Types & Skin Conditions
Lecture1.4 Functional groups
Lecture1.5 How Substances Cross the Cell Membrane
Lecture1.6 Base Ingredients
Lecture1.7 Humectants
Lecture1.8 Emulsifiers
Lecture1.9 Active Ingredients
Lecture1.10 Active Ingredients Continued
Lecture1.11 Informative Articles
Lecture1.12 Preservatives/Color/Fragrance & Clogging
Lecture1.13 The Aromatherapy List

Download the PDFs when entering the class as they will help you with the lecture video.

The Paramedical Esthetics Certificate Course for Estheticians

Course Description

In this filmed on-line course, Michele Phelan, RA, LE, CIDESCO and Bradley A. Greene, MD, MBA FACS, teach you what you need to know to get started working in the medical esthetics arena.  Whether it is your goal to work in a plastic surgeon’s office, medical-spa, or you would like more in-depth knowledge of this topic so that you can better be educated and direct your clients, this course is for you!

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Please Note: This course contains a series of medical esthetics lectures on the topics outlined at the bottom of this page and some demonstrations. It requires time and focus to learn these clinical esthetics topics and can be an intense study for some individuals due to the technical nature of the lectures. This material is best suited for those who are serious about working in a medical esthetics setting or want to know about clinical skin care and are dedicated to learning about this science.

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Introduction 2
Lecture1.1 Welcome
Lecture1.2 Class Introduction

Part 1
Lecture2.1 Section 1: What is Paramedical Aesthetics?
Lecture2.2 Section 2: Skin Science
Lecture2.3 Section 3: Fitzpatrick and Rubin’s Skin Typing
Lecture2.4 Section 4: Understanding Melanin
Lecture2.5 Section 5: Bones of the Face
Lecture2.6 Section 6: Understanding Facial Muscles
Lecture2.7 Section 7: Basic Medical Terminology
Lecture2.8 Section 8: A Little About Wound Care
Lecture2.9 Section 9: Medical Esthetics and Working with a Physician
Lecture2.10 Section 10: MLD/Understanding the Lymphatic System
Lecture2.11 Section 11: Understanding Acne
Lecture2.12 Section 12: Understanding Acne Rosacea
Lecture2.13 Section 13: Other Skin Disorders
Lecture2.14 Section 14: Skin Cancer

Part 2

Lecture3.1 Dr. Greene Introduction & Course Overview
Lecture3.2 Section 1: Anatomy of a Medical Chart
Lecture3.3 Section 2: Advanced Facial Anatomy
Lecture3.4 Section 3: Neuromodulators
Lecture3.5 Section 4: Soft Tissue Fillers
Lecture3.6 Section 5: Cosmetic Lasers
Lecture3.7 Section 6: Chemical Peels (Exfoliation)
Lecture3.8 Section 7: Facial Aesthetic Surgery
Lecture3.9 Section 8: Pre/Post Care & Judgement
Lecture3.10 Section 9: Sanitation / Sterilization
Lecture3.11 Section 10: Non-Medical Considerations

Download the PDFs when entering the class, they will help you with the lecture videos.